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Prodigy by PianoDisc for Kayserburg

Kayserburg Prodigy Player Pianos.

Entertainment At Your Fingertips. Created by musicians for musicians, adding the Prodigy player system to your Kayserburg grand piano gives you the enriching experience of playing acoustic piano with modern technology. You can order your factory installed Prodigy for the KA151 and KA160 models, but it is also available for any Kayserburg grand piano upon your request.

Control box of ProRecord recording system

Developed by Pearl River Piano Group and PianoDisc, the Prodigy Bluetooth wireless automatic performance systems greatly enhance both in-home entertainment and professional performances. 

The sophisticated solenoid system offers a staggering 1,024 levels of expression, delivering playbacks of unmatched nuance. In addition, the Prodigy player system serves as an audio player and accompaniment device, can record performances, and in Silent Mode can allow players to practice without disturbing neighbors.

Ask your Kayserburg retailer about ordering one of the different configurations available that will meet your enjoyment needs. The Pro-record and the silent mode are optional systems available as an upgrade to your Pearl River Prodigy player system. Warranty includes 60 months parts and 90 days labor.”

Pearl River Prodigy was awarded “Recommended Product” at the 2019 Music China Shanghai Show.

Prodigy Recommended Product Award
Kayserburg Tablet with 600 songs

The Prodigy system comes pre-loaded with 600 songs in various genres, including Classical, Jazz, Popular, Showtunes, and Ethnic music. Included is an 8-inch, 32 GB  smart tablet that connects via Bluetooth to give you easy and precise control of playback. The tablet can also access thousands of songs that are available online at the PianoDisc library.

A  PianoDisc speaker is included, providing orchestral and voice capabilities when listening to piano concerts with full orchestra, jazz ensembles with vocal and instrumental. Besides Bluetooth, there are Analog, TOSLINK, MIDI 5-pin DIN, USB, and Bluetooth MIDI inputs and outputs for more ways to connect to your Kayserburg piano than ever before.

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