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Which Kayserburg Piano is best for you?

Which Kayserburg Piano is best for you?

No matter what your playing style may be, or whether your piano graces a home or stage, each of Kayserburg’s five distinct piano series represents the very finest in craftsmanship and performance, rivaling and surpassing the best Germany has ever offered.

Kayserburg Categories_Excellent Series KX3

Excellent Series

Deserving of its name, the Excellent Series vertical pianos put Kayserburg quality within reach.

Kayserburg_categories_Heritage GH148

Heritage Series

Reflecting a traditional heritage,
these vertical and grand pianos add character to your décor and an heirloom for your family.

Kayserburg_categories_Artists Series KA243

Artists Series

Capable of expressing every nuance, the Artists Series vertical and grand pianos reflect your musical passion.

Kayserburg_categories Master Series KM5

Master Series

The Master Series’ performance and craftsmanship achieves the goal of meeting and exceeding grand piano sound.