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China’s Piano Man at the Keyboard of a Kayserburg. Liu Huan, one of China’s leading pop singers, rocked the room during Zhejiang TV’s 2014/2015 New Year’s Concert. Famous not only for his repertoire of pop hits, but also for his work as a lyricist and composer, Liu Huan performed with Sarah Brightman during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. The video captures the excitement as Liu Huan performs at the keyboard of a Kayserburg grand piano at the new year’s concert held in Guangzhou, home of the Pearl River Piano Group. His singing blended beautifully with the rich, warm tones of the Kayserburg making it a memorable evening for all.



Stephan MohlerMeet Stephan Mohler, Kayserburgs’s technical director. Click here to read an informative interview with one of Pearl River’s piano experts and someone who is incredibly passionate about pianos and music.



Larry Fine’s Piano Buyer magazine, Fall 2013 (now also online as has just released their spring edition and has ranked our new Kayserburg pianos among the top in their intermediate concert-quality category. Piano Buyer’s quote is: “lovely, singing tone.”

Piano Buyer and its digital partner are considered “essentials” of the piano industry. Piano consultant, technician and author, Larry Fine, has been critiquing pianos for more than 20 years.