Kayserburg Artist Series Pianos

All Kayserburg Artist pianos are manufactured in the European guild system of hand-workmanship. Our pianos are constructed of solid action and cabinet components, which are processed by German CNC Machinery. These perfectly matched parts ensure sensitive performance and rigid longevity and are meticulously scrutinized by Kayserburg Artist craftsmen.

Kayserburg Artist Series KA121B Upright

Artist Series KA121B ~ 47.6″ Upright

Kayserburg Artist Series KA126B

Artist Series KA126B ~ 49″ Upright

Kayserburg Artist Series KA132B Upright

Artist Series KA132B ~ 52″ Upright

Kayserburg KA1 Upright Piano

Artist Series KA1 ~ 48″ Upright

Kayserburg KA2 Upright Piano

Artist Series KA2 ~ 48.5″ Upright

Kayserburg KA3 Upright Piano

Artist Series KA3 ~ 49.5″ Upright

Kayserburg KA5 Upright Piano

Artist Series KA5 ~ 51″ Upright

Kayserburg KA6 Upright Piano

Artist Series KA6 ~ 52″ Upright