The Kayserburg Étoile Collection

Etoile Collection of Exotic Woods

The beauty of meticulously handcrafted, ethically harvested, and sustainable genuine veneers.

East Indian Rosewood

Etoile Collection_East Indian Rosewood
The KA180T, 5’ 11”, Grand Piano - $139,985 (USD)

Kayserburg has long known that piano building is an art form unto itself, but turning a piano into a work of art takes the highest level of veneer craftsmanship. Named for the French word for ‘star’ (pronounced eiˈtwal), the Kayserburg Étoile Collection brings forward the ultimate expression of turning rare wood’s natural luster, color, and patterns that change from every angle into heavenly beauty.

Of the more than 90,000 species of hardwoods in the world, only about 100 are used in the fancy veneer industry. For the Kayserburg Étoile Collection only the most impactful have been selected; whether it’s East Indian Rosewood, which is considered one of the most beautiful lumbers in the world that is found in many Asian antiques, or Ziricote, an exotic wood native to the Central American that ranges from reddish-brown to dark brown with unusual streaks of pale-yellow sapwood.

Golden Silk Phoebe

Etoile Collection_Golden Silk Phoebe
The KA180T, 5’ 11”, Grand Piano - $130,426 (USD)

Sapele Mahogany

Etoile Collection_Sapele Mahogany
The KA160T, 5’ 3”, Grand Piano - $125,668 (USD)

The Kayserburg Étoile Collection exotic veneers include Sapele Mahogany, a luxurious wood from western and central African trees that reach heights up to 180 feet, and Golden Silk Phoebe that has been historically used for boat building, architectural woodworking, furniture, and sculptural carving. The collection also features Tiger Striped Sandalwood, Straight Line Ebony, Green Apple, and Rose Gold Sandalwood.

The KA160T has a solid tapered soundboard while the KA180T has a Strunz solid tapered soundboard. Both feature Röslau wire, copper wound bass strings, Renner hammers, Renner action, Dehonit pin block, slow fallboard, ebony sharps, and a solid tapered soundboard.

The KA212T features Röslau wire, copper wound bass strings, Renner hammers, Renner action, Dehonit pin block, slow fallboard, ebony sharps, Strunz solid tapered soundboard, and a Laukhuff keyboard.

Straight Lined Ebony

Etoile Collection - KA180T Straight Lined Ebony
The KA180T, 5’ 11”, Grand Piano - $136,885 (USD)

Straight Lined Ebony

Etoile Collection_Straight Lined Ebony
The KA3TX, 50”, Vertical Piano - $34,950 (USD)

The KA3TX and KA2TX feature Roslau wire, copper wound bass strings, PR 2.0 hammers, slow fallboard, ebony sharps, and a solid spruce tapered soundboard.

Kayserburg believes that with its meticulous craftsmanship and unrivaled playability a piano from the Kayserburg Étoile Collection is destined to become the center of the universe in any setting.

Tiger Striped Sandalwood

Etoile Collection_Tiger Striped Sandalwood
The KA160T, 5’ 3”, Grand Piano - $126,680 (USD)

Green Apple

Etoile Collection_Green Apple
The KA180T, 5’ 11”, Grand Piano - $128,675 (USD)

For each Kayserburg piano, up to 8,000 components are precisely produced by advanced CNC digital machinery then meticulously assembled by hand in the tradition of German-inspired craftsmanship.

Every component in the KA212T reflects the finest available: Röslau wire, copper wound bass strings, Renner hammers and Renner action from Germany, Strunz solid tapered soundboard, Dehonit pin block and a Laukhuff keyboard.


Etoile Collection_Ziricote
The KA212T, 7’ Semi-Concert Grand Piano - $150,830 (USD)


Etoile Collection_KA6TX Ziricote
The KA6TX, 52" Vertical Piano - $36,850 (USD)

The largest of the Artists Series vertical pianos, the KA6TX fits into any environment while producing the powerful dynamic range usually associated with a baby grand piano.

Kayserburg vertical and grand pianos are entirely handmade by the factory’s most experienced artisans, closely supervised and trained by Swiss master piano designer Stephan Mohler. 


Kayserburg-KX2T Bubinga, Pianist
The KX2T, 48.25", Vertical Piano - $23,680 (USD)

Rose Gold Sandalwood

Etoile Collection_Rose Gold Sandalwood
The KA2TX, 48.5”, Vertical Piano - $33,850 (USD)

With every component selected for its precision and quality, with craftsmanship that reflects the very best in European manufacturing techniques, and with innovative designs, Kayserburg pianos represent the new standard in outstanding acoustic definition and performance.